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Track Recaps from Thursday, April 15

Track Recaps from Thursday, April 15

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GIRLS- Jac-Cen-Del 97 (home), Switzerland County 77, Southwestern 39, Trinity Lutheran 4
BOYS- Southwestern 103, Jac-Cen-Del 79, Switzerland County 35, Trinity Lutheran 7

Unedited JCD scoring athletes from Larry Hammond-

  • Discus -1st LUKE COMER- NEW SCHOOL RECORD 144’3.5.  Corbin White 2nd, Shaylee Volz 1st, Emma Newhart 2nd, McKenzie Gray 4th, Cassidy Harmeyer 5th
  • Shot -Corbin White 1st,\\ Shaylee Volz 1st, McKenzie Gray 2nd, Emma Newhart 3rd, Cassidy Harmeyer 5th
  • Long – C Comer 2nd, J Jines 3rd,\\ C Simon 1st, K Simon 2nd, M Gray 5th
  • High L Comer/C Comer 2nd, J Jines 4th, D Setters 5th,\\ L Dilk 1st, D Hughes 2nd, E Wagner 4th
  • 110H/100H – 2nd A Maloney,\\ 1st C Simon, 2nd K Simon
  • 100D – 5th J Jines,\\ 4th R Hughes
  • 1600m- J Pohle 1st,\\ 3rd L Dilk, E Wagner 4th
  • 300H A Maloney 3rd // C Simon 1st, K Simon 2nd
  • 800M D Hughes 1st, A Rohls 4th// L Dilk 3rd, E Wagner 4th
  • 200D L Comer 2nd, // R Hughes 3rd
  • 3200M J Pohle 1st, // K Rohls 3rd
  • 4×100 M-3rd//W-2nd
  • 4×400 M-3rd//W- 2nd
  • 4×800 M- 2nd//W-3rd

Unedited SC results from Meganmarie Dennis-

Girls Results

  • 1st & 3rd in the 100M (Raylinn Kappes -PR & Megan Wetzel- PR)
  • 1st in the 1600 (Alisha Detmer)
  • 1st & 4th in the 400 (Gracie White & Dakota Richards)
  • 1st & 2nd in the 800 (Gracie White & Alisha Detmer)
  • 1st & 5th in the 200M (Raylinn Kappes & Cheyenne Wick)
  • 1st in the 4×100 Relay (Raylinn Kappes, Megan Wetzel, Brooklyn Flanders, Carly Bennett)
  • 1st in the 4×400 Relay (Raylinn Kappes, Alisha Detmer, Megan Wetzel, Gracie White)
  • 2nd in the 4×800 Relay (Cheyenne Wick, Miranda Earls, Macy Collier, Gracie White)
  • 3rd in the 100 hurdles ( Carly Bennett)
  • 3rd in the 300 hurdles (Megan Wetzel)
  • 3rd in Disc (Hannah Hayes)
  • 3rd in the High Jump (Macy Collier)
  • 4th in the Shot Put ( Hannah Hayes)-PR
  • 4th in the Long Jump (Alisha Detmer)

Boys Results

  • 2nd & 5th in the 1600 M (Nathan Furnish & Dylan Sullivan)
  • 2nd in the 800 M (Nathan Furnish)
  • 2nd in the 4×100 Relay (Myles Covington, Matt Davis, Tyler Hoskins, Aiden Furnish)
  • 2nd in the 4×400 (Nathan Furnish, Nathan Jones, Levi Goldsberry, Darion Graham)
  • 3rd & 4th in the 110 Hurdles (Aiden Furnish &  Nathan Jones)
  • 3rd in the 100 M (Matt Davis)
  • 4th in the 300 Hurdles (Nathan Jones)
  • 4th & 5th in the 200 M (Matt Davis & Tyler Hoskins)
  • 4th in Shot Put (Ryan Hughes)
  • 5th in the 3200M ( Dylan Sullivan)- PR
  • 5th in Discus (Ryan Hughes)- PR
  • 5th in Long Jump (Aiden Furnish)

More recaps follow.

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