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Southwestern Junior High

  • May 15: (TEN/G-Wed) Toppers’ junior high tennis sweeps Rebels (Tennis (Girls))
  • Apr 27: (TEN/G-Sat) Jeff. Co. JH girls’ tennis tilt sees Shawe take SW (Tennis (Girls))
  • Mar 14: (SW-Thur) JH swims with Rebels, Bears, Raiders and Pacers (Swimming)
  • Mar 10: (SW-Sun) Jr. High swim results with Rebels, Raiders, Pacers (Swimming)
  • Mar 11: (SW-Tue) Southwestern Middle wins dual with Scottsburg (Swimming)
  • Mar 10: (MG-Sun) Switz 7th gets going in 4th to beat Southwestern (Basketball (MS Girls))
  • Feb 27: (SW-Wed) Southwestern junior high swim results (Swimming)
  • Feb 28: (SW-Thur) Southwestern JH swimmers fall to Seymour (Swimming)
  • Feb 5: (BKT/MB-Wed) Another tourney title for the Milan boys 8th (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Feb 5: (BKT/MB-Wed) Shawe 6th wins title with 2nd half surge over Ripley (Basketball (MS Girls))
  • Feb 2: (BKT/MB-Sat) Shawe 8th wins by one over Southwestern (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Jan 31: (BKT/MB-Thur) Shawe 7th wins by six over Southwestern (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Jan 21: (BKT/MB-Mon) Rebel 8th splits tourney games at Salem (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Jan 18: (BKT/MB-Fri) Rebel eigth grade comes up short to Scottsburg (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Jan 15: (BKT/MB-Wed) Pacer 8th, Rebel 7th win in Vevay (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Dec 18: (BKT/MG-Tue) Rebel junior high girls hold on to beat Shawe (Basketball (MS Girls))
  • Dec 13: (BKT/MB-Thr) Southwestern 8th beats JenCo ‘B’ by one (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Dec 10: (BKT/MB-Mon) Southwestern 8th wins by four at South Ripley (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Dec 7: (BKT/MB-Fri) Southwestern seventh defeats New Washington (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Nov 26: *(BKT/MB-Mon) Rising Sun 7th wins Switz. County Invitational (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Nov 25: *(BKT/MB-Sun) Rising Sun 8th grade wins Switz. County Invite (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Nov 19: (BKT/MB-Tue) Shawe 7th, Southwestern 8th win in JeffCo contests (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Nov 16: (BKT/MB-Fri) Home opening wins for Rebel Jr. High over JCD (Basketball (MS Boys))
  • Sep 28: (SOC/JH-Fri) Southwestern junior high shuts out Scottsburg (Soccer (Jr. High))
  • Oct 3: (CC-Wed) Eagle girls, Pacer boys are ORVC junior high champs (Cross Country)
  • Sep 25: (CC-Wed) JCD wins quads with Rebels, Indians and Toppers (Cross Country)
  • Sep 26: (SOC/JH-Thur) Rebels best Toppers in junior high soccer match (Soccer (Jr. High))
  • Sep 13: (CC-Thur) Switz, JCD run 1-2 in both junior high Pre-ORVC meets (Cross Country)
  • Sep 20: (SOC/JH-Thur) Southwestern Middle streaking, defeats Raiders (Soccer (Jr. High))
  • Sep 6: (SOC/JH-Thur) Good night for Rebel junior high in Vevay (Soccer (Jr. High))
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