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East Central wins tri meets with Lawrenceburg, Milan

Varsity Cross Country- Wednesday, August 26 at Lawrenceburg

Boys- East Central 15, Lawrenceburg 49, Milan incomplete

Girls- East Central 15, Lawrenceburg and Milan incomplete

Boys individual results:

  • 1 Ben Riehle, 18:36.5 Milan
  • 2 Griffin Werner, 18:39.4 East Central
  • 3 Michael Schwebach, 19:59.5 East Central
  • 4 Reilly Small, 20:38.1 East Central
  • 5 Brody Sandlin, 21:28.0 East Central
  • 6 Logan Hicks, 21:29.0 East Central
  • 7 Parker Fleming, 22:02.8 East Central
  • 8 Grant Hensley, 22:03.0 Lawrenceburg
  • 9 Nico DiMeglio, 22:22.7 East Central
  • 10 Ethan Campbell, 23:17.4 East Central
  • 11 Cameron Williamson, 23:30.1 Lawrenceburg
  • 12 Nicholas Morgan, 23:37.6 Lawrenceburg
  • 13 Ashton Rasnake, 25:19.3 Lawrenceburg
  • 14 Ethan Miller, 27:36.8 Lawrenceburg
  • 15 Gabriel Hensley, 28:51.8 Lawrenceburg
  • 16 Ethan Dehamer, 29:17.0 Milan
  • 17 Parker Sutherland, 35:01.5 Milan
  • 18 Jared Rigdon, 36:15.8 Milan
  • 19 Maximillian Longo, 37:33.8 Lawrenceburg
  • 20 Jack Vowell, 38:29.8 Lawrenceburg

Girls individual results:

  • 1 Rachel Campbell, 22:15.4 East Central
  • 2 Faith Henderson, 25:09.4 East Central
  • 3 Kendall Pflum, 26:27.2 East Central
  • 4 Hannah Doan, 26:43.7 East Central
  • 5 Jessica Bender, 26:45.5 East Central
  • 6 Lucy Lillis, 27:30.6 Milan
  • 7 Jocelyn Inderhees, 27:38.7 East Central
  • 8 Aneesa Schwarz, 29:07.1 Lawrenceburg
  • 9 Alyson Galey, 29:50.7 Lawrenceburg
  • 10 Jada Hicks, 31:19.2 East Central
  • 11 Sarah Lillis, 37:03.5 Milan
  • 12 Emma Sauers, 39:24.7 Lawrenceburg

Edited meet summary from East Central assistant coach Fr. Jonathan Meyer:

Lawrenceburg hosted the annual three-way against Milan and East Central.  The boys and girls of East Central won both races.  The heat, well over 90 degrees, without a cloud in sky made it a hot day of racing up and down the levee.  Due to the heat and a desire to keep the athletes out of the heat, the boys and girls’ races were combined.

The Lady Trojans were the only complete team in the meet, so they walked away with a perfect score but also took all of the top five positions sweeping the scoring points.  Rachel Campbell established an early lead and helped her fellow Trojans kept the pace, with many of them passing male runners on the course.  Their times were slower, due to the heat, but nonetheless, it was a good night of racing

In the boys race, the Trojans also won as a team scoring 15 and beating Lawrenceburg who scored 49. Milan had an incomplete team but had the winning runner.  Ben Riehle of Milan is a tough racer.  He took the lead, but then was challenged several times by ECHS’s Griffin Werner who took the lead from him a few times in the last mile.  However, Riehle took first place sprinting down to the finish.  The Trojans took the next five places.  Overall, the Trojans had a good strategy. They did not go out fast and took in mind the heat of the night.  Eventually, they crept up from the back as other runners were consumed with the heat.

We thank Fr. Meyer and Stuart Road Racing for the event info.

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