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2019-20 Winter Sports SENIOR Athletes of the Year

SEI Local Sports is pleased to announce its 2019-20 Winter Sports Senior Athletes Of The Year.

As we do with our weekly Athletes Of The Week program, we are proud to recognize all athletes submitted.  For this very special edition, only seniors could be nominated.  A small group of seven (from the 26 submitted) were selected by our seven-member committee as our 2019-20 Winter Sports Senior Athletes Of The Year.

I am very appreciative of the coaches, ADs and team representatives who took the time to provide such wonderful, detailed submissions honoring their seniors.  Because of COVID-19, we provided an extension to submit.  In an effort to encourage as much participation as possible, everyone was reminded multiple times before and during the submission period  to nominate.  Below are the nomination guidelines submitters were provided:

  • Nominee(s) must be a senior and there is no limit in the number of submissions sent by a coach, AD or authorized team representative.
  • All athletes submitted will be recognized.  It is an honor just to be nominated.
  • Submissions must be sent using the online form (link was provided).
  • All submissions must be received by Sunday, March 29 at midnight.  Submissions will be reviewed by a seven member committee beginning Monday, March 30.  The publish date will be later within the same week.
  • To minimize the possibility of bias, the committee will not see names of athletes, coaches or schools affiliated with or competing against.
  • The committee will give the most weight to what the athlete has accomplished in their winter sport during his or her senior year.
  • Secondary consideration will be given to what the athlete accomplished in their winter sport for their career.
  • Additional consideration will be given to what the athlete has done outside of his or her winter sport (other sports, academics, other school/community activities, etc.)

On the next page, all 2019-20 Winter Sports Senior Athletes of the Year are shown.  In the pages, which follow, all athletes submitted are proudly recognized in alphabetical order by school.

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2019-20 Winter Sports Senior Athletes of the Year follow.

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