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2020-21 SEI Local Sports Outlook

Welcome everyone to SEI Local Sports.  As 2020 continues to be very trying due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SEI Local Sports enters its 11th year of local high school sports coverage cautiously optimistic.

Every school across the country is facing incredible challenges as they reopen for another academic year.  Debates rage on both sides whether to have in-school or on-line learning or a mix of both.  Both options have advantages.  Both have concerns.  In the current climate, neither option is perfect.  Add athletic practices and competitions to the mix, and that makes things even more difficult.

As many of you express your point of view on how you think schools should address academic and athletic options, keep this in mind- there is no right answer…no one-size-fits-all solution.  Every school is different.  Every individual is different.  Every situation and circumstance is different.  Please be civil when expressing your views and concerns.  Respect alternate viewpoints.

We know those who are making decisions regarding education and athletics are doing the very best they can based on the information they have available.  And they are in an absolutely IMPOSSIBLE situation of trying to make everyone happy.  You would not want to be in their shoes right now and be faced with the issues they are dealing with.  So please don’t bash them for their efforts.  Those who were hired/elected/appointed to make decisions in the best interests of all concerned are doing the very best they can with an educated, informed and thoughtful approach.

With that said, SEI Local Sports is moving forward with our plans to cover athletics this school year and will adjust as schools adjust to changing conditions.  We also may need to adjust our services based on sponsorship revenue.  Many businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic and some may not be able to offer the same level of financial support as in prior years.  We respect that and will make every effort to provide as much daily content and live coverage as possible without operating in the red.

Best wishes and good health to all.

Bryce Kendrick
SEI Local Sports


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