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Readers’ favorite high school games & individual performances – Part 6

With the spring sports season on hold due to the coronavirus, we asked our audience to provide us with some of their favorite memorable high school games or individual performances there were part of as a player, coach or fan.   Here are some of those shared memories.  More installments will be coming.

Larry Hammond- One of my favorite moments in varsity track happened during a home meet for us at Jac-Cen-Del in the spring of 2013 as an assistant coach.  Our meet was moving along as normal and I had a young man ask me if he could run the hurdles.  He said there were five places and only two people in the race and he could help the team get some points.  I had asked him if he had practiced running the hurdles.  His reply was no, but it was the 300 hurdles and he could jump them.   I said I thought it might be better if he didn’t since he had not practiced them.

So he asked the head coach and he said yes. Now I promote everyone trying something, just not for the first time at a meet.  The young man did run the 300 hurdles that night. After the first two athletes had finished, he was still 100 meters back.  When he got to the final hurdle, he was so exhausted.  He tripped and fell taking out the last set of hurdles.  Very determined to help our team, he got up to finish even though he had scuffed his knees and elbows.   We won that meet by two points thanks to the young man’s strong determination.

Jeff Siebert- A day to remember!  An unusual day and game occurred while coaching varsity basketball at Laurel High School.  The year was 1984 and the place was Switzerland County.  To play there required a long bus trip with a stop for lunch.  After lunch we traveled many more miles.  About two miles from our destination, a player vomited in the back of the bus which could be smelled throughout the bus.  We were all anxious to get out and stretch our legs!  I think this was a sign of things to come.

The reserve team dressed and started warmups.  Two players had a collision with one player bleeding heavily from his mouth and needed outside medical attention.  There were no cell phones at the time.  I needed to get permission from the player’s parents who were at home and find a doctor after hours. It was a nightmare.  Finally, stitches were administered and we arrived back at school.

Upon arriving the varsity game was underway.  I was late as well as the host coach because he also coached the girl’s team and they had a game that day.  Laurel jumped out to a 10-point lead early in the game.  Sometimes they played their best ball when the coach is not around!?

Laurel held a 10-point lead throughout most of the game.  In the fourth quarter, Switzerland County got hot and we started turning the ball over.  With four seconds to go, Laurel was up two points. Switzerland County took the ball out and hit a 35-foot shot to send the game into overtime. This was before the three-point shot.  In overtime, Laurel held the ball and scored with four seconds to go.  The Pacers took the ball out and again hit a deep shot to send the game into the second overtime.

Overtime three saw the same with a bit more time on the clock and a shot by Switzerland County in the deep corner.  Overtime four was the final quarter as Laurel built a five-point lead thanks to the fact the Pacers had fouled out their last player with no one else to play.  They finished the game with four players and had we fouled out another as we had four players.  Just an entertaining night!

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