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Changes to SEI Local Sports effective December 22

Dear Friends Of SEI Local Sports,

First, I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.  But, in particular, I want and need to focus on the word “healthy.”

Many people have asked me, how do I do it?  How do I work a full time day job, write reports for the website, do webcasts (prep and travel plus work the events), be a dad, a husband and, at one time, even a varsity head coach.  The answer…don’t sleep.  I used to joke that sleep was overrated.  But, in fact, I have greatly undervalued it.

Many of you work long hours.  My days are at least 16 hours long, every single day, including Sundays.  Sundays are typically the longest (18 to 20 hrs.) because I’m playing catch up on things I didn’t have time to get to earlier in the week.  I don’t get a break.

Over time, this pace has caught up to me. Thus, on the strong and rather blunt advice of a doctor and the begging of those closest to me, I need to make changes.  The changes are designed to give me time to exercise and sleep on a more consistent basis.  In other words…take care of myself.

I’m not at great risk of dying tomorrow.  I’m not trying to alarm anyone.  But there are things about my health which have noticeably and measurably been trending in the wrong direction over the last few years.  If I don’t make changes now, I will pay for it later.

I LOVE what I do with my website and I know how much my service is appreciated and means so much to so many.  I want to be in this for the long haul.  This is my 10th year and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.  So to keep what I’m doing sustainable, I have to change how things are done to streamline the workload and reduce my hours.

As I have thought about this change, the very foundation of what SEI Local Sports is and does is celebrate our athletes.  I do not want to stray from that philosphy and these changes will continue to keep the site on course with its most basic and most important principle.

I will no longer write event reports with one exception.  Any webcasts we do, there will be a full story. But for all other events, I will now post daily “Hotlists.”

Each sport will have a daily hotlist which will appear on the website both under the sport category and school category.  They will be dated in the headline link by sport.  Example:  Boys Basketball Hotlist for December 20, 2019.

On each hotlist page, there will be a series of line items celebrating athletes’ top performances.  The line item will start with the reporting school, followed by their event result, followed by the top performance(s) of ONLY THE REPORTING team from that event.  If the event involves another school we follow and they also report, there will be two separate line items for that event.  Example:

(Page intro) The following is the SEI Local Sports Hotlist Performances for Boys Basketball games played on December 20, 2019.

(Page disclaimer) Information shown below is what has been reported so far for this date.  More may be added up to 72 hours after the Hotlist date.

North Johnson- In a 53-48 victory over South Davis, the Bears’ Steven Miller had 18 points and 7 rebounds while teammate Billy Adams recorded 12 points and 6 assists.

South Davis- In a 53-48 loss to North Johnson, the Cardinals’ Tony Green posted a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds while teammate Jeff Jacobs had a team-high 13 points.

Just like before, what we publish is based on the voluntary reporting of coaches, their designees or athletic directors.  If we get it, we’ll publish it.  If it isn’t reported, it won’t be listed.

You’ll notice in the disclaimer, I said I will make updates up to 72 hours of the hotlist date.  So in the case of the Hotlist for December 20, I would take updates through December 23.  There are reasons why information can’t be reported the night of or, in some cases, even the day after an event.  So I’m keeping each day’s Hotlist open for a very reasonable period to give time to submit.  But once the 72 hours have passed, that Hotlist is done.  I have to move on.

How does this save me time?  It eliminates time spent adding the less notable individual performances and also a lot of team related details you typically find in a full report.  (If there is something notable for the team as a whole, I will include that on the hotlist too.)  I have enjoyed providing as much individual and team based info in my reports as I could, but it is no longer in the best interest of my personal well being to keep offering that level of content.

There isn’t going to be a standard by sport of what qualifies for the hotlist because, for example, the top performaces at one boys basketball game may vary greatly from those top performances at another boys basketball game…or even by two teams at the same game.  So, it’s what makes sense for that school for that particular event.


Next fall, things were already in the works to give the website an overhaul with a new look and a revised direction.  I was also going to enhance our webcasts starting next fall.  But as many of you know, we recently lost three webcasts because a vital piece of equipment used to stream our games died.  It was the fifth time in five years that type of unit completely tanked.  So, instead of spending another $850 to replace the unit yet again, I decided to bite the bullet now and do the larger upgrade to our webcasts.

We are now using production software on a high-end laptop.  There is a main live action camera, a dedicated scoreboard camera and a media table camera which we can switch back and forth to…still with only a 3-person crew using the same amount of space.  There are a few fun features we’ve started using and there are additional features I want to add once I get through the 700 page manual over Christmas break and learn how to do more.

Plus, the quality of our live mobile and HD replay webcasts are streaming around double the bitrate of before.  Live mobile has gone from (apx. average) 500 to 900 kbps while the HD replays have increased from 2000 kbps to 4000kbps.  You can see the differences when comparing “old live to new live” and “old HD to new HD.”

It was a very expensive upgrade which I was going to make next fall, but my hand was forced once we had to go dark for three games.  (And my apologies again to those teams we couldn’t cover during our down time.)  So far, my crash course in learning the basics and using the new software/equipment have been successful.  I could not be happier with the improved product we have produced with the new package.

So…upgraded webcasts couldn’t wait until fall because of equipment failures.  And, for health reasons, the revised direction of the website couldn’t wait either.  The new look will though.  I can still work with the site we have for now.

That’s my story.  Thanks for taking the time to read it.  Some may be disappointed with the changes but, I’m sure you understand why it has to be this way.  Please know my goal is always to be a positive and reliable source to promote our local athletes.  I don’t plan on stopping.  I enjoy it too much.  I just have to be a little smarter about how to get it done.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes To All!

Bryce Kendrick
SEI Local Sports

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